Cyber Preparedness Workshops and Simulations

Cyber Preparedness Workshops and Simulations

What is the Area of Law?

While many organizations dedicate time and resources to preventing cyber incidents, preparedness for their occurrence is often overlooked.

Enhancing your organization’s cyber resilience and ensuring a robust response to incidents involves two simple steps: developing an incident response plan and testing it through a ‘Tabletop or simulation exercise.’

Incident Types

What distinguishes a Tabletop exercise from a simulation?

A Tabletop exercise revolves around a hypothetical cyber incident, fostering discussion and addressing various scenarios. It provides an informal setting for team members to enhance their understanding of the incident response process, consider key decision points, and align on roles and responsibilities. This exercise is an ideal starting point for organizations aiming to build competence and confidence in cyber and crisis response.

On the other hand, a cyber simulation exercise tests your organization's incident response processes through a live, coordinated walk-through. It allows the crisis management team (CMT) to experience crisis-level cyber incidents in semi-real time, facilitating a better understanding of roles, responsibilities, and the escalation process. Simulation exercises offer a more intricate approach to cyber preparedness, suitable for organizations that have mastered Tabletop exercises.

What benefits can you expect from these exercises?

Crafted to boost the skills and assurance of key team members, our exercises offer the following advantages for your organization:

Gain insights into the current cyber risk landscape and the ever-evolving regulatory frameworks.
Question and refine existing incident/data breach response plans.
Evaluate the sufficiency of both internal and external communication channels.
Investigate critical milestones for an efficient incident response, incorporating processes to minimize risk and accelerate business recovery.
Discover opportunities for enhancing planning and procedural aspects.
Define roles and responsibilities for both internal and external stakeholders with greater clarity.

Who should attend from the organization?

Effective cyber incident response necessitates collaboration across diverse business functions, each bringing distinct expertise, roles, and authority to the table. To derive optimal advantages from the exercise, participation should encompass individuals from your cyber incident response team/crisis management team, essential IT staff, legal and risk professionals, communications experts, and upper management vested with business decision-making authority.

What is the exercise's scope?

We can collaborate with you to determine the most suitable exercise type, recommending different sessions based on your objectives, maturity, and intended audience.

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