On October 20, 2023, Mark Zauderer will be a featured speaker at a live CLE program hosted by the New York State Bar Association entitled “Introductory Lessons on Ethics and Civility 2023”. The four-hour program will provide attendees with an update on developments in the area of attorney ethics, including the most recent case law. Access additional details by following the “Read More” link below.

About the Program

Civility in Everyday Lawyering:

– What Are the Basic Lessons to Be Learned?

– Colloquium on Ethics and Civility

A sound ethical compass and a civil and professional demeanor are the hallmarks of successful and respected attorneys in all areas of practice. The rules of civility will be discussed, with emphasis on practical pointers for dealing with uncivil adversaries and civility issues within the law firm. The program will conclude with a discussion of real life hypotheticals by a panel of distinguished practitioners, including Mr. Zauderer.  Attendees will receive 4.0 MCLE Ethics credits.

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